Billing address and cardholder in MDAO Telegram Wallet

Billing address

The Billing address is a special address related to card information and details. When paying online, the billing address must be entered along with the card details. The billing address may be different for each type of card.

You can view the billing address in the card menu in the app.

Go to MDAO Telegram Wallet, Virtual Cards and Services section. Click on the card and copy the billing address.

Please note that the billing address obtained from the Virtual Cards and Services menu in your MDAO Telegram Wallet should be used in the payment forms, not the delivery address or the cardholder's home address.

Example of billing address entry:

Address line 1: Hofplein

Address line 2: 20

Country or region: Netherlands

Town/City: Rotterdam

ZIP code: 3032 AC


Virtual cards do not require KYC (Know Your Customer), so the cardholder is not identified, which simplifies the card issuance process.

Some services require the cardholder's name when making a payment.

We recommend that you provide your name when making a payment, as in some cases additional payment verification and identity verification may be required.

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