How to top up virtual cards

To deposit funds, go to the menu of the specific card, click on the card and then the Top Up button.

Please note:

In the case of USDT deposits, your wallet balance must contain both USDT and the native coin of the network* in which the deposit is made.

  • For USDT BEP-20 deposits, you will need to have some BNB on your balance (approximately 0.0006 per one or two transactions).

  • For USDT TRC-20 deposits, you will need to have TRX on your balance, depending on the fee limit in the Tron chain at the time of deposit.

* The number of native coins is approximate because fees on blockchain networks are dynamic — they depend on the network load and are calculated individually for each transaction.

Specify the top up amount, select the payment method and click Pay.

Wait until payment is confirmed and your card balance is updated.

The card balance is replenished almost immediately after payment confirmation, but occasionally a little more time is required.

Contact Support if your deposit is not credited within 5-15 minutes.

Your card balance has been replenished.

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