AML Check

AML check is an MDAO Telegram Wallet feature, with the help of which you can check any crypto address for undesirable connections or its presence in sanctions lists.

The verification feature works with the help of our partner service AMLBot.

AML verification allows you to identify undesirable connections or get a report on the "cleanliness" of your address, which can be an important argument for granting access to a whitelist or for participation in various projects and also allows you to verify any crypto address before you start interacting with it.

To access the AML check feature, go to "Menu" and then the "AML verification" section.

Check out the information and the verification cost. There are two options: a general check and an investigation.

To carry out the check you need to have credits — a conditional currency that can be bought for USDT (BEP-20) in the bot. To do this, click Top up your balance.

*do not forget about the fee; you must also have BNB (BEP-20) on your balance.

*please note, the more credits you buy at a time, the more profitable the cost. More is cheaper!

After depositing, return to the menu again to the AML verification section. You’ll see the credit balance will be updated. Here’s an example of a general check:

Select the network of the address you want to check, then specify the address.

After confirming the payment, within 5–10 minutes you will receive a detailed report in a pdf file, which includes the percentage of risk of interaction with the address and a description of other indicators.

Let’s look at the second verification type — Investigation.

Select the network, specify the address and wait for the payment confirmation of the request.

Within 5–10 minutes you will receive a detailed report that includes risk levels for ongoing connections, a web report, and a CSV report.

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