How to pay with virtual cards in MDAO Telegram Wallet

You can use your virtual card to pay for online goods and services. Before making a payment, make sure that the card balance is sufficient for the transaction.

When paying for physical goods, make sure that delivery of the goods to your region is available or you have an address abroad to which delivery can be made if you use an intermediary service.

When paying for some services it is required to add payment methods to the user's account beforehand, please study the functionality and interface of the account you want to pay for before paying.

Let's use a paid Midjourney subscription as an example.

Navigate to the service and on the payment page, select the tariff and tap Subscribe. Then enter your card details.

Enter the card details:

  • enter the card number in full as shown in the example for the selected payment method

  • card expiration month and year

  • enter CVV/CVC code

  • enter the cardholder's name (enter your name)

  • in the Billing address section, fill in the card billing address, if the address consists of several lines, enter the street, building number, city in separate lines (each service has its own requirements for entering the address, follow the prompts in the payment window).

To get the card's billing address, go to your account from the MDAO Telegram Wallet main menu, tap Cards, then My Cards and open the card you want to pay with.

Tap Billing Address and select the billing address of the card you will be paying with.

Please note: The Billing Address is not a shipping address, but a special address related to the card information and details.

Read the terms and conditions of the service, tick the checkbox and confirm the payment. Wait for the payment to be processed on the payment page.

In a DM from MDAO Telegram Wallet you will receive a message about the purchase PENDING, then you will receive a message about the confirmed transaction APPROVED. Confirmation of the transaction by the partner service may take some time, usually 10 minutes.

In the account, the confirmed payment will be displayed in the transaction history with the debited amount in USD.

If an error occurs on the payment page when entering details, make sure that the details and billing address are entered correctly.

If a card payment is rejected, make sure that the card balance is sufficient to make the payment and that all previous debit transactions have been confirmed. Wait until the balance is updated after the previous transaction is APPROVED. It may take a while for the card balance to be updated.

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