How to use Virtual Cards in MDAO Telegram Wallet

Features description

With our new Cards feature in MDAO Telegram Wallet, you can issue virtual Visa and MasterCard debit cards and pay for goods and services abroad.

No KYC process is required to issue these cards. Cards are virtual, without issuance on a physical medium.

With virtual cards, you can make only payments for online services and goods. Cash withdrawals from ATMs and transfers to other bank cards are not supported.


⚠️ For security reasons, never disclose your card details, expiration date and CVV codes.

⚠️ Pay for services only via official links, and beware of phishing.

⚠️ Do not give access to your Telegram account to third parties, protect your Telegram account with two-factor authentication (for more information about protection in Telegram, please see our article here).

Getting started

To issue a card, open MDAO Telegram Wallet and launch the bot. You can find out how to start the bot in the instructions here.

If you have already used the wallet, open MDAO Telegram Wallet and enter the /start command.


On the page of the Cards section you can navigate to the issue of cards, read information, answers to frequently asked questions and contact support.

Before you start using the features, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the information by tapping on Information.

To return to the menu, tap Back.

You can issue and then fund the card with USDT BEP-20/TRC-20, as well as RUB.

Please note that you must top up your MDAO Telegram Wallet balance if you use the USDT deposit method.

When you issue a card, the deposit is topped up from your MDAO Telegram Wallet balance in USDT and converted to USD. Therefore, before issuing the card, please top up your MDAO Telegram Wallet deposit with USDT and TRX/BNB, depending on which USDT network you are using.

You can see how to replenish your wallet in the instructions here.

Issuing a card

Navigate to the Cards section from the MDAO Telegram Wallet main menu and tap My Cards or Pay for Services to begin issuing.

On the next page a menu will open, select Issue Card to continue or Pay for Services if you need the card for a specific service.

Select Debit Visa или Debit MasterCard.

Each card type has a different BIN (identification numbers), which differ by issuer and services available for card payment.

When issuing the card, the card deposit must be topped up with at least 25 USDT + 10 USDT card issue fee. Pay attention to the deposit fee, it is 4% of the credited amount.

When using RUB, pass KYC, select the deposit amount and make the transfer.

When depositing in USDT TRC-20, you need to have TRX in your wallet.

When depositing in USDT BEP-20, you need to have BNB in your wallet.

The deposit is topped up from the MDAO Telegram Wallet balance in USDT and converted to USD.

You can find out how to top up MDAO Telegram Wallet in the instructions here.

Enter the deposit amount in the Enter amount line. The total amount that will be required to be paid when the card is issued is shown below.

Select the means of replenishment, in this example we used USDT TRC-20. The USDT and TRX balance on your wallet is now sufficient, and you can proceed with issuing the card.

To confirm the issue and deposit, tap Pay, the blue button with the amount.

Confirm the card activation in MDAO Telegram Wallet — just tap Yes in the DM with the bot.

Wait for transaction confirmation and notification of successful card issuance.

The card is ready to be used!

You can issue up to 5 cards per account.

Unused cards can be deleted, but the balance is canceled when cards are terminated, so make sure the balance is used up before that, and also remove the card from the payment methods of the services, if it was previously connected.


You can view your balance, card details, transaction history in the card menu, and here you can also make a deposit or delete a card.

Go to the Cards menu, then My Cards and click Open.

The menu of your account will open. In the menu, you can see the total balance of all your issued cards, separate information for each card, and a button to issue a new card.

To view information on a specific card, add or delete a card, click on the card.

On the information page you can:

  • view the billing address of all your cards

  • create a new card

  • view your transaction history

  • view card details and expiration date, to do this click Show

  • delete a card

  • top up a card

Funding your cards

To top up, go to the specific card menu, click on the card and then Top Up.

Specify the deposit amount, choose a convenient method and confirm the deposit.

Specify the deposit amount and confirm the deposit in MDAO Telegram Wallet. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed and your card balance to be updated. Card balance top-ups occur almost immediately after the transaction is confirmed online, sometimes it takes a little longer.

Your card balance is now funded.

For security reasons, do not disclose your card details, expiration date and CVV codes to anyone, and only follow payment links from official pages.

Do not give access to your Telegram account to third parties, and protect your Telegram account with two-factor authentication.


If the session automatically ends, re-enter the Cards section through the main menu.

If you have not logged out of the Card Account menu, the session will end within 30 minutes.

Tap Cancel to return to the menu, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Refresh the page or tap Cancel to return to the menu and re-enter the Card Menu from the main menu.

If MDAO Telegram Wallet does not respond to commands, click or manually enter the Cancel command and send it in a DM to the bot to abort previously incomplete commands (for example, if you planned to make a withdrawal of assets from the wallet but did not complete the transaction).

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