MDAO Telegram Wallet security

Since the appearance of the MDAO Telegram Wallet in July 2021, users have already experienced the clear advantages of this crypto wallet in Telegram — speed of operations, understandable features, and security measures. With the help of MDAO Telegram Wallet, you can buy cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes.

Telegram is the only platform of its kind to welcome the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry openly.

MDAO Telegram Wallet is designed as a convenient tool for managing cryptocurrency assets and personal digital finance. Encrypted messaging apps like Telegram can protect the identity of users, making the platform an attractive area for discussion and transactions in the crypto sphere.

Due to the emergence of new functionality and vast possibilities of MDAO Telegram Wallet and the growing popularity of this product among the community, we decided to dedicate this article to answer the most pressing security questions about MDAO Telegram Wallet.


Speaking about the security of the MDAO Telegram Wallet, we first need to talk about how to secure your Telegram account. To do this, at the least, users need to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). This is a real “must-have” for every Telegram user, even if there are no crypto assets associated with it. Your Telegram account can easily be stolen using SMS code interception and other methods. It is essential to restrict access to your messenger and regularly check the Session History of your accounts. Perhaps you have already logged into Telegram on another phone that has not been at your disposal for a long time.

Often users wonder why they do not have access to the wallet seed phrase and how to get it. In the current version of MDAO Telegram Wallet, the user cannot access the seed phrase. The user’s private key is stored on a secure server in an encrypted database, with each private key encrypted with a specific user ID.

We want to note that an attacker can only gain access to your MDAO Telegram Wallet wallet if you provide them with such an opportunity. We all live in a world of money, and the elementary rules for dealing with personal finances and investments are like the road rules; everyone needs to know them so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

The right level of digital (and financial) literacy contributes to higher living standards, the development of the economy, and the improvement of social welfare. A savvy consumer of digital financial products and services is better protected from fraud. Do not visit dubious sites, always check your sources, and never share (personal) data with third parties.

So, can an attacker get access to MDAO Telegram Wallet, our servers, intercept data and steal assets? This is theoretically feasible in the following scenarios:

  1. They get access to the server.

  2. They get access to the database.

As for access to the server, this option is practically impossible. Only a trusted circle of people has access to the server. All data is encrypted and has additional protection. We use only high-quality and safe providers.

Access to the Database without access to the server will not work either. The database is encrypted, the users’ private keys are also encrypted with a uniquely generated user ID, and such data is not transmitted or made available to the public.

So, how secure is the MDAO Telegram Wallet in Telegram? The wallet is as convenient and safe as possible, provided that the above tips are followed. Be vigilant and enjoy our handy bot.

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