Pay for services

Pay for subscriptions to your favorite services using virtual cards that can be issued in MDAO Telegram Wallet without leaving Telegram.

Use all the features and activate the card by funding its balance with RUB or USDT (TRC-20/BEP-20).

Let's try and walk through the entire procedure together! Let's issue a card by topping up the balance in RUB and pay for a Chat GPT subscription.

Launching the bot

Navigate to your MDAO Telegram Wallet. Tap Start or manually enter the /start command.

Read the welcome message in full and tap Pay for Services to continue. You can also go to service payments from the main Menu and Cards section.

Pass KYC

When paying for services in RUB, you need to undergo a KYC procedure. You will need 5-10 minutes for the full procedure.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is about identification and establishing a customer's identity in order to obtain information about them as a person with whom interaction is carried out. Verification is carried out to check suspicious behavior and eliminate the risk of fraud on the part of the counterparty.

Have the document you want to use for KYC ready in advance and keep it nearby. You will need 5-10 minutes for the whole procedure.

Our partner service OnDato only validates state-issued documents.

You can use the following documents to pass KYC:

  • Passport: new-type domestic passports, as well as passports with MRZs (Machine-Readable Zones).

  • ID cards

  • Driver's license

The documents must be valid at the time of KYC.

To undergo KYC, tap on Pass KYC in the payment section of the services and then again from the message describing the procedure.

Follow the link, or copy the link and open it in Chrome (for Android) or Safari (for iOS).

Read the regulation on the processing of personal data by OnDato and tap I Agree to continue, or Disagree to cancel and return to the menu.

Select a document, prepare the main page of the document to be photographed, and on the next page, tap Start.

When passing KYC with your passport:

  • position the document in the highlighted area on the photo

  • the MRZ zone should be under the white-gray dashed line

When passing KYC with an identification card (ID) or driver's license:

  • two photographs will be required - the front of the document and the back of the document

  • the front part of the document is photographed first (Side 1)

  • then, after tapping Continue, you have to take a photo of the back of the document (Side 2).

General advice:

  • when photographing the document, there should be no glare, backlighting, or other objects falling within the field allocated for the photo

  • the photo should not be dark, blurred, or small scale

  • the text of the document should be readable

  • in case of insufficient lighting, use an additional light source to improve the image quality, or take photos in natural light.

Provide access to your camera if required.

Expand the document and frame it as shown in the screenshot, take a photo, and if the photo is of good quality, tap Continue.

Tips for selfies:

  • use your smartphone's front camera

  • your face should be in the frame, and the frame of your face should match the highlighted frame as much as possible

  • keep a neutral expression on your face

  • at the moment of taking a photo, the service will prompt you what actions to take: move your face closer to the camera or farther away (when the frame narrows or widens)

  • try to take the photo in a well-lit room or in natural light

  • make sure there are no bystanders within the camera's view

  • the photo should not be blurred

Tap Start to proceed to taking selfies.

Position your face in the photo frame and follow the on-screen prompts.

After taking a photo, do not minimize or close the window, your photos are being processed by the service.

Wait until the photo is fully processed, this process may take a few minutes and is accompanied by a progress bar in percentages.

Once you see the confirmation that your KYC is complete, you can go back to your wallet. The screen should say “Your verification is completed”!

KYC compliance mistakes:

If the identification fails, you will receive a notification about it on the screen.

You can try again within the current session only 3 times. Then the current session will expire.

You will not be able to repeat the KYC procedure until 2 hours after the session has been updated.

Take your time, make sure you do everything according to the recommendations and repeat KYC from the beginning, starting from the transition to the section where verification is required (the KYC link will change, which means that the previous session was reset and can be repeated).

Paying for services

You're now at the crux of the process! The KYC procedure has been successfully completed, now all that's left is to activate and top up the card - you can do it simultaneously, and then immediately subscribe to Chat GPT.

Step 1: Issuing the card

On the Pay for Services page, select the service and the top-up method RUB, then enter the required top-up amount in USD.

In our example of a monthly subscription to Chat GPT, we will enter 26 USD for the top-up.

Important: We recommend to top up the balance taking into account possible expenses when paying for subscriptions. For example, tax may be charged when paying for some services, so take into account payment system fees for payment authorization.

Based on the deposit amount and fee, the top-up amount in RUB will be calculated. Tap on Pay and wait for the page with payment details to load.

Copy the recipient's card details and transfer to them the amount specified in the order in RUB. The amount in the order and in the transfer must match!

The order must be paid in the allotted time.

Keep an eye on the countdown on the page.

Do not close the page with the order, transfer the whole amount without leaving any comments on the transfer.

After completing the transaction, tap Paid if the page has not automatically refreshed.

Immediately after completing the transaction, the page will refresh and you will be redirected to the Cards menu.

Wait for a notification in the bot about activating a card via the View Card Details button or open the cards menu via the Cards section.

Step 2: Subscribing

Open your card details and copy them.

Card details: card number, expiration date, CVC code.

The billing address of the card is taken from the card menu under the card details.

Each card has its own billing address, do not confuse the billing address with the delivery address, they are not the same.

Navigate to the Open AI website to subscribe to Chat GPT at the Plus rate.

Fill in the card details, cardholder's name in Latin, and the billing address.

Check the checkbox and tap Subscribe.

Payment tips:

  • check if debit cards are suitable for payment

  • fill in the billing address correctly, all fields must be filled in completely

  • use your own name when subscribing

Pass the captcha and you're done! You've successfully become a Chat GPT subscription owner.

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