Creating a one-time receipt

To create a one-time receipt, you can go to a specific store from the list of previously created stores, and then click on the name of the store from the list. A one-time receipt can be paid only once, the link to the receipt payment is valid until it is paid or canceled:

Select the "Create a one-time receipt" tab:

Enter a name for the receipt. The name must not exceed 200 characters. Then click Submit:

Enter a comment and click Submit:

Specify the value of the receipt in USDT (BEP-20) and click "Send":

Confirm the creation of the one-time receipt by clicking "Yes":

The one-time receipt has been created!

To cancel the operation, press "No" or "Cancel".

*Since this is a one-time receipt, it will not appear in the store's product list.

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