Creating items in the store

To create a product, go to the "My Goods" tab:

Next, click "Create Product":

Enter the name of the product in the store. The product name must not exceed 100 characters.

Hit Submit:

Specify the description of this product. The description should not exceed 300 characters.

Hit Submit:

Specify the amount of product to be placed in the store. If the item is unlimited, you can specify the quantity of the item – 0.

Hit Submit:

Specify the value of the item. The item can be placed for sale only for USDT in the BEP-20 network.

Hit submit:

Check the description, price and confirm the creation of the item by clicking "Yes":

If you want to cancel creation, click "No" or on "Cancel":

After creating an item, the wallet will post information about the created product and offer to use other functionality.

The product link can be shared with other Telegram users.

After successful payment by a user, the creator of the store receives payment to their address, minus the service fee that the interface provided.

All further actions on sending, receiving goods, returning goods or funds are performed by users themselves.

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