Create subscription

First, you must create a channel, add MDAO Telegram Wallet to the group/channel and give the bot admin rights.

To create a subscription to your channel, click "Create subscription":

Next, you need to write the full group/channel name or group ID in a chat with the bot, as shown in the screenshot.

Then you need to click on Submit:

Specify the number of subscription days for group/channel members and hit Submit:

Next, you need to specify the amount of MDAO for subscribing to the group/channel that the creator of the subscription considers acceptable and click Submit:

After entering all the information, confirm the creation of a subscription by clicking "Yes":

If you don't want to continue creating the subscription or need to correct the data you've entered, press "No" or enter the "Cancel" command.

After confirming the subscription, users receive a message with the details of the created subscription and a link to share it with other Telegram users:

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