USDT→RUB section to proceed to the USDT to Ruble exchange feature.

With MDAO Telegram Wallet you can exchange USDT in the BEP-20 network and receive rubles to your Tinkoff Bank or Sberbank bank card.

Supported payment systems: Mastercard, Visa, and MIR.

MDAO Telegram Wallet interacts in terms of providing payment gateway processing services with Constant Payments.

Constant Payments is a payment processor, offering secure and reliable solutions for fast payments worldwide.

Limits: exchange from 20 to 1500 USDT to RUB per transaction.

Attention: one bank card per month has a maximum limit of 8000 USDT*.

* Limits may be changed by the partner service, please get acquainted with the exchange conditions before operation fulfillment

To proceed to the section click on USDT→RUB and follow the instructions.

Read the information on the exchange conditions and tap the "USDT→RUB".

In the window that opens, read the current exchange information: exchange rate, limits and supported cards.

Enter the amount of USDT to be exchanged, but not less than 20 USDT.

Then select the currency you want to exchange.

Enter the bank card number in full without spacing.

Tap “Yes" to confirm the exchange request.

To refuse to make a further exchange request, press "No" or "Cancel".

On confirmation of the exchange request, the USDT is blocked and sent to the recipient for further execution of the order.

Within 5 minutes the transaction will be executed and you will receive RUB to the card you have specified.

Once the order has been executed, you will receive information about the USDT transfer transaction in a private message with the bot.

The exchange of USDT in the BEP-20 network to RUB has been successfully completed, please check your card account.

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