USDT Bridge

MDAO Telegram Wallet allows you to make USDT cross-chain exchanges on chains supported by MarsDAO Wallet. A cross-chain bot exchange fee is charged on TRC-20 and BEP-20 chains: 10 USDT + 1%, and 20 USDT + 1% on the ERC-20 chain.

The following exchange limits are available per day per account: from 50 to 5000 USDT.

1. In the main menu, go to the “Wallet” section.

2. Click on “USDT Bridge”.

3. Under the information message with fees, click “USDT Bridge”.

4. Select the chain from which you want to make the exchange: in this chain, you must have USDT for the required amount, plus the amount in USDT for the service fee for the operation, as well as gas for the transfer from your blockchain wallet in the form of:

  • BNB, if the transfer is from the BEP-20 chain;

  • ETH, if the transfer is from the ERC-20 chain;

  • TRX, if the transfer is from the TRC-20 chain.

5. Enter the amount of USDT to be exchanged.

6. Select the chain where you want to receive USDT.

7. Check out the terms and the required amount of USDT for the exchange. If you want to continue the exchange, click “Yes”.

8. You will receive several consecutive messages about the USDT transaction.

9. Upon completion of the exchange, a message will be sent to personal messages with the wallet about crediting USDT to the balance.

10. If you wish, you can go to the “Wallet” section in the menu and make sure that the balance has been successfully replenished.

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