To withdraw assets from the wallet, you must use the "Withdraw" section:

When requesting this command, the wallet will offer to review the current balance and select an asset to withdraw:

You have to click on the tab with the selected asset for withdrawal:

Select the network in which the assets will be sent.

Warning: make sure that the address for withdrawal supports the selected network and that the wallet balance has enough network native coins to charge transaction fees!

Next, specify the address of the wallet, to which the withdrawal of the asset will be made and click "Send":

Important: check that the address you entered is correct!

If the address is entered incorrectly or if you need to cancel the information, hit the button or enter the "Cancel" command manually:

To continue the withdrawal, in the window that appears, enter the amount of asset to be withdrawn and click on "Send".

If you need to cancel the operation, click on "Cancel" before submitting:

Make sure that the withdrawal address is entered correctly and confirm the withdrawal by clicking "Yes".

To cancel a transaction, click "No", or "Cancel", or enter the "Cancel" command manually.

After successful submission, you will receive a withdrawal notification and an outgoing transaction ID confirmed by the network in your personal messages with the bot:

Warning: Before making a withdrawal, check the approximate network fees and ensure that the balance is not less than the recommended amount of the native token of the network in which the withdrawal is made.

The approximate network fee amounts can be found in the "Fees" section. Note: These values are not constant and may vary depending on the network load at the time of withdrawal.

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