Labor Unions

The whole atmosphere here is like a real factory, complete with labor unions.

If you're a go-getter and ready to lead a big work group, go ahead and start your own union. But if you're just in it for the perks, join any of the existing ones, pay your dues, and enjoy the benefits like ZP multipliers and other bonuses.

Choose your union in the main building, or start the process of creating your own.

You can pick any union and leave it at any time, and join another one of your choice.

You can join a union at any time, regardless of your length of service.

You can quickly select a union from the list and join. Use the search bar if you know the name or ID of the union.

Tap Join, select a union.

Before making a decision, familiarize yourself with the benefits of union membership, learn more about the community, attend trial meetings, and carefully consider your decision.

In the union that appeals to you, tap the Join Labor Union button.

You can leave a union at any time.

Please note: if you decide to leave a union, all your ZP dues (ZP burned) will remain in the union and you will lose your ZP multiplier. Please keep this in mind when deciding on your union membership.

If you decide to form your own union, go for it! Visit the main office and document your decision.

Tap on Labor Union and Create. You can only form your own union if you are not a member of another union.

Include all the necessary information, the benefits of your union, and don't forget to leave an actual address (=Telegram link) for the other ZAVODians to visit!

Pay attention to your balance: does it have enough ZP to complete all the formalities?

Once you've checked everything, hit Create labor union. That's it, off you go!

If you forgot to include some information on your union card, feel free to add all the necessary details so that your coworkers will definitely notice your labor union.

Proceed to edit via the Edit section.

Tap the edit icon, change the description or add a Telegram chat link and tap Save.

You can close a union through management settings. Closing a union resets all your statistics and your employees are left to work independently.

There are always expenses in a labor union, so financial support will be needed if you want your union to be one of the best.

Unions accept dues from all of their members. Please go to your union and select the Burn ZP option.

Specify how much ZP you want to contribute and confirm your intention.

You can specify an integer greater than 1.

Keep an eye on the activity of your employees and on union statistics to keep up with the leading organizations and ZAVODians.

Compete with other unions to lead the season and receive exciting giveaways!

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