V2 (NEW) MDAO Telegram Wallet

Since the launch of MDAO Telegram Wallet in July 2021, users have quickly experienced the clear benefits of this cryptocurrency wallet — speed of operations, user-friendly functionality, and security.

MDAO Telegram Wallet is designed as a convenient tool for managing cryptocurrency assets, as well as for personal digital finances. The Telegram app for encrypted messages protects users' identity, making this messenger an attractive environment for crypto transactions.

MDAO Telegram Wallet is a feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet within the Telegram messenger for hot storage of crypto assets and using wallet features with over 3,000,000 users. As of today, the wallet supports five main networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron, and Bitcoin.

For a quick start of the wallet, you need to take three simple actions:

  1. To launch a new wallet, tap on the link: https://t.me/mdaowalletbot

  2. Hit Start and receive a welcome message.

  3. Done! The wallet is created and ready to use.

MDAO Telegram Wallet menu:

MDAO Telegram Wallet features various options for messenger users, making it comfortable and safe to use.

MDAO Telegram Wallet allows:

  • Playing the engaging clicker ZAVOD, find friends, and compete with other users for victory.

  • Paying for services in USDT.

  • Creating virtual cards for online shopping payments and hotel bookings.

  • Quickly and securely buying and selling cryptocurrency worldwide using any convenient methods through a partner exchange.

  • Storing, and exchanging cryptocurrency with other users.

  • Checking any cryptocurrency addresses for the "purity" of their origin.

And all this without leaving your good old Telegram!

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