Exchange Service

MDAO Telegram Wallet users can buy and sell cryptocurrency in any convenient way without leaving the wallet — from anywhere in the world.

Colibri Exchange is our partner service.

To access this feature, click the Exchange button in the menu.

Carefully review the service information, including the Details section, then click Contact Manager.

Allow access to the link.

Take note:

  • The minimum transaction amount is $1000

  • Be vigilant, beware of scammers, Colibri managers do not write users direct messages first!

In the conversation, describe your request and wait for the manager's response.

It may take some time to process the question, repeat the question if you do not receive a response within a reasonable time.

Follow the agreements and instructions from the service representative, depending on the details of the exchange, you may be required to provide additional information: the address of your wallet to which you want to receive tokens, the method of transferring funds, etc.

*Be careful when specifying a wallet, it must support the network you want to get tokens in.

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed and the tokens to arrive in your wallet.

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