General guidelines for all services

If an error occurs on the payment page when entering the details, make sure that the details and billing address are entered correctly.

If a card payment is rejected, make sure that the card balance is sufficient to make the payment and that all previous debit transactions have been confirmed.

Wait for the balance to update after confirming the previous transaction, the card balance may not update immediately.

When paying for physical goods, make sure that delivery of this product to your region is available or you have an address abroad to which delivery can be made if you use an intermediary service.

When paying for some services, you are required to add payment methods to your user account in advance. Before paying, study the functionality and interface of the account you want to pay for.

Do not try to pay for services and services to prohibited regions and unsupported services. You can familiarize yourself with card restrictions in the Limits, fees and restrictions section.

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