Paying for Services

You've reached the highlight! The only thing left to do is to activate and top up the card - you can do that simultaneously, and then immediately subscribe. Let's use ChatGPT as an example.

Step 1. Issue a card

Go to Virtual Cards and Services and then Select or issue a card to pay for a service.

Go to Choose by Services and select a service from the list that you want to open the card to pay for.

Click Show BIN.

BIN is a card identification number that indicates the type of payment system and issuer.

Select the card type from the list provided.

Choose a payment method: USDT TRC-20 or USDT BEP-20.

In our example, let's choose the USDT BEP-20 replenishment method.

To top up USDT BEP-20, you must have enough USDT in your wallet, taking into account the service fee for card issuance and some BNB to cover the blockchain network fees.

Specify the top up amount. Using the example of a monthly subscription to ChatGPT let's indicate 25 USD.

Important! The first deposit when you issue a card is always at least 25 USD. We recommend that you top up your balance taking into account possible expenses when paying for subscriptions, for example, a fee may be charged for some services, additionally take into account the payment system fees for payment authorization.

Click Pay and wait for the order to complete processing.

Done! The card is issued and ready for payment.

Click Continue to view the card details.

Click 👁️ to access full card details: card number, expiration date and CVC.

Step 2. Subscribing

Open your card details, and copy them.

Card details include the card number, expiration date, and CVC.

The card billing address is available in the card menu under the card details.

Each card can have its own billing address, do not confuse the billing address with the delivery address, they are not the same.

To open the card details, click on the desired card in the menu.

The page will show detailed information about your card: card details and billing address.

Visit the Open AI website to subscribe to ChatGPT at the Plus rate.

Log in to your account or register.

To register, click Sign up, enter your e-mail address and click Continue.

Think of and provide a password, click Continue and verify your email address to create an account.

The next step may require you to provide your personal information or a phone number.

To log into your account, click Log in and authorize yourself.

In the version profile, find the Upgrade to Plus button and click on it.

Fill in the card details, cardholder's name in Latin, and the billing address.

The billing address is not a delivery address or location of the payer, but a special address related to the card information and details.

Tick the checkbox and click Subscribe.

Please note that along with reading the rules of use of some services, you sign a consent to monthly debiting of the subscription amount from your card.

In case you do not plan to use the service for more than one month, do not forget to remove your card from the payment methods in your account settings.

Payment recommendations:

  • check if debit cards are suitable for payment

  • fill in the billing address correctly, all fields must be filled in completely.

  • use your name in English when signing up for subscriptions

Please note that payment for some services may not be available from Russian IP addresses.

Pass the captcha if necessary and you're done! You have successfully subscribed to ChatGPT.

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