Virtual Cards

In the Virtual Cards and Services section, you can create virtual cards directly from your Telegram and pay for goods and services online. For more details on the features, see the wallet's FAQ section.

To go to the Virtual Cards and Services section, click on the name of the section in the wallet app.

Click Open app and then go to the Virtual Cards and Services section.

No additional KYC procedure is required for card issuance if you issue the card for USDT.

The cards are virtual, without a physical medium.

Virtual cards can be used to make payments for online services and goods, book cabs, hotels and tickets.

Cash withdrawals from ATMs and transfers to other bank cards are not supported.

Before you start using the features, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the information by clicking on the Info and fees button.

The FAQ section contains articles and guides with examples of how to use virtual cards, check them out.

Tap a button to jump to a specific guide.

Section guidelines

TapYou can issue a card by following the steps in: Choosing a card to pay for services.

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