Card Interface

You can view the balance, card details, and transaction history in the card menu, and you can also deposit, delete or freeze the card here.

Go to the Virtual Cards and Services section and select a card.

What you can do on this page:

  • create a new card

  • view card details and expiration date

  • view individual card balance and total card balance

  • view the billing address of a card

  • view transaction history

  • top up a card

  • delete a card

  • freeze a card

Creating a new card

You can create up to 5 virtual cards at a time.

To create a new card, click Select or issue a card to pay for services and pay for the card issuance according to the instructions in the Card Creation section.

Card details

Card details are shown in the Details section. To disclose card details, card expiration date and CVC, click 👁️.


For security reasons, do not disclose your card details, expiration date and CVC to anyone, and follow payment links only from official pages.

Do not give access to your Telegram account to third parties, protect your Telegram account and wallet with two-factor authentication.

Card balance

The card menu displays the total card balance and the balance of each available card.

The balance is displayed in the card currency USD.

Billing address

The billing address of the card may be different for each issued card.Use the billing address from the menu of the card you are going to pay for the service.

For more information about the billing address, see Billing Address and Cardholder.


You can top up an already issued card at any time through the card's menu.

Open the section with cards and select the card you want to top up, click Top up.

For more information on replenishing cards, see How to Top Up Virtual Cards.

Transaction history

All history of card transactions can be found in the Operations History section, e.g. card creation, top-ups, payment history.

Freezing and terminating cards

You may need to freeze a card if you need to temporarily stop payments on the card.

For example, if you do not want the service to debit payments while you are thinking about resuming the use of the service.

Card freezing is its temporary deactivation. During the period when the card is frozen, payments are not deducted from your card balance. You can freeze and unfreeze a card at any time.

To freeze, open the card and click Freeze Card, confirm the action to continue.

To unfreeze a card, open the menu for that card again and click Unfreeze Card.

You may need to delete a card if you have closed a card or used up your card limit and need to open a new one.

Please note that terminating a card will result in full suspension of the card with no possibility to restore it. Use up the card balance completely before terminating.

To delete, open the menu of this card and click Terminate card, confirm the action.

Interface guidelines

If your session automatically expires, re-enter the app through the main menu.

Refresh the page if necessary, if the page fails to load.

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